Helped me buy a home

"Gustavo Figueroa is down to earth and approachable. He was patient with the ignorance that we, as first time home buyers, brought to the table and explained everything we asked in as much detail as we required. He was never pushy.
There were a few times that my wife and I looked at houses that we thought were solid. Though Gustavo made it clear this was our decision and he'd support us in whatever choice we made, he also pointed out in more than one instance that the houses we thought were good were over priced. While many Realtors would probably jump at the chance to get a good deal and move on with other clients, Gustavo always did extensive comps and research and gave us an educated opinion. Because of his extensive knowledge and honesty, we completely trusted Gustavo when we did find "The One" and he gave it the thumbs up.
There are a LOT of Realtors in the Rio Grande Valley and from viewing lots and lots of houses, I got the chance to see quite a few in the field. Sometimes when multiple people are trying to view a house at once things can get a little competitive. One day while trying to see a house a "Realtor" tried to be a smart A** with Gustavo; though, he could have snapped or been sassy back to this guy, Michael kept his cool and was diligently professional-- but, of course, firm. We still got to view the house we wanted :)
When it came down to the actual offer, Gustavo had it down to a science. There are so many factors at play (should we offer face value or more? How much more? How much is it really worth to us? Should we have an escalator? If so, how much?) Gustavo had informed suggestions on what to do in each instance. Now, I'd assume that the actual document that the Realtor prepares doesn't matter much and the biggest factor is the offer price. While I'm positive that's mostly true, I do want to point out that the Listing agent specifically mentioned that Gustavo's offer was well written. Perhaps they say that to everyone, but I doubt it. Something Gustavo did made our offer stand out-- maybe he was more thorough or professional. Maybe he was just nicer and less sleazy. He did something right --and our lender, of course. They worked as an amazing team. Our offer beat out another pre inspected CASH offer at the end of the day. We got our dream house thanks to every "T" being crossed and "I" dotted.
So I highly recommend entrusting Gustavo Figueroa with the biggest financial decision of your life. He won't disappoint. Thank you Gustavo!!"

- Mauro Tijerina

Helped me buy a home

"I'm investor,bought two house from Gustavo in a year.He is the best agent that I will recommend to everyone.

He is patient and very quick to schedule to view the house even on Sunday!!"

- Jorge Lee

Helped me buy a home

"Our experience as a family was exceptional, Mr. Figueroa was very patient showed interest in attending us the best possible, showing the best alternatives for us, in relation with price, space and place.
His abilities with the Spanish language made it easier to communicate with him and his available work schedule made it easier to work with even though our purchase of the house in 1606 Primrose, Mission, Texas was made very close to Christmas."

- Alberto Tea

Helped me buy a home

"Excelente servicio, Gustavo estuvo disponible en todo momento. Me ayudó a la hora de decidirme por una casa hasta en el momento del cierre de la compra de mi casa. Totalmente recomendado, especialmente para las personas que por nuestro trabajo no nos podemos encargar de hacer tramites durante la mañana, Gustavo es flexible y se acomide al horario que uno le pida."

- Norma Romo

Helped me buy a home

"Gustavo helped me out greatly. I asked him to show me the listing to my specifications and the same day he was showing me the houses. I selected my house on the very first day I met him. He guided me through the process with great patience and knowledge. He made the process easy for me. I couldn't have asked for a better Realtor. He communicates on a timely manner and is attentive. Great experience."

- Roel Navarro

Helped me rent a home

"We were so happy with the services Mr. Figueroa provided us. Two of the houses we were interested in fell through because of something outside of his control. He really worked hard to find us the perfect place in that same day! He is hardworking and honest. When we go to purchase a house we will definitely be turning to him to help us! He was never pushy and took our needs into consideration. You will not be disappointed by him!"

- Erin Lawler

Helped me sell a home

"Mr. Figueroa was very nice . If I did not understand a part of the proses then he would take the time to make sure I under stood everything before we went to the next. Mr. Figueroa worked long hours to help me sale my property. If he said that he was going to be there at a certain time then he would be there. When ever I can I recommend Mr. Figueroa to my friends and family"

- Cornelia Segner

Worked together as colleagues

"He is a very reliable agent with lots of experience. He always looks for his clients best interests. Is a dedicated , responsible realtor who continuously is researching and learning. He uses marketing selling strategies as well help with patience his buyers find their dream home. Additionally is currently certified in commercial property.
I fully recommend Gustavo Figueroa"

- Tania Lejarza