Can I get Financed if my credit score is not so perfect?


Numerous numbers of clients asked us If I don’t have a perfect credit score, can I qualify for a Mortgage Loan?...... and the answer is yes, you may qualify for a mortgage loan. Here at Primary Residential Mortgage we have developed three (3) products that have been helping our clients get into a new home.


FHA Select, VA Select and FHA Choice.


Why waste time and money trying to re-score a client’s credit when there is nothing to repair. With these products we can help more clients get into a home without the stress of paying off or reducing some debt in order for their scores to increase. Let’s analyze each of the programs.


Our FHA Select and VA Select Programs are designed to help clients with a FICO credit score between 620 to 639. By utilizing these programs borrowers who currently do not have a 640 FICO credit score can get into a house.   We follow the same criteria as a normal FHA and VA loan programs/guidelines, with the same debt to income parameters as a normal FHA or VA loan program. The main difference is that our clients’ need to take a First Time Home Buyers class. By taking this class, borrowers are more aware of the pros and cons of buying a house; and how important is to maintain a good mortgage payment history.


We firmly believe that bad things happen to good people. That is why we have developed our FHA Choice Program. With this program our borrowers benefit by purchasing a home with a low credit score.   If a borrower has a credit FICO Score from 500 to 619 this program will be ideal for them. The major guidelines for our program are: Debt to income not to exceed 21/43%; 3 months of their monthly payment as a reserves, and their down payment can range from 3.5% to 10% depending on their FICO Score. Just like our FHA and VA Select programs, our FHA Choice Clients also need to take a First Time Home Buyer class as well. All our FHA Choice loans are submitted it to a final review; this review is done by our FHA Choice committed board for a Final blessing/approval.


As you can see Primary Residential Mortgage is committed to help our borrowers achieve their dream home. That is why these programs have been very successful with our clients and realtors. Don’t just assume that you can’t buy a house, call me, email me, ask me your questions and concerns; you may be closer than ever to own your dream home.


If you prefer to apply online thru our secure website, go to, select full application and on the loan officer section select my name: Edgar Hernandez, follow the prompts and hit submit.





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